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Inspiration Gallery

Combining fabrics with the pattern designs is one of the most inspiring processes of sewing. When I look at the rolls of fabrics I enter the dreamworld of creativity, pairing them with each other and imagining them as finished looks. Here I want to share with you some of the pairings which usually end up in my list of projects, waiting for those precious spare hours to be turned into wearable finished items. 

Freda Dress in a summary Watercolours Cotton Lawn

Freda dress in Watercolour Cotton Lawn

Watercolours cotton lawn is one of the most adorable fabrics. It is soft, luxurious, fresh and summary. When I look at it I can see a pretty little girl running playfully after a puppy across a gold sunny coast; or around a park, dressed in a gorgeous, simple Freda dress, painted in this Watercolour meadow flowers. 

Pussy Bow Blouse in a Moonstone Viscose 

Oh and this feminine and vintage Pussy Bow Blouse in a Moonstone Viscose is just a dream. I can never chose between Pink and Green of the two as I love them both so much. 

Atelier Brunette Moonstone Rayon

Rise and Fall Turtleneck in a Springtime Haze stretch fabric

I love jerseys, they are comfortable, cosy and soft. Springtime Haze jersey is somewhat different. Let alone its cheerful and subtle colour range of flowers, it has a luxury velvety texture on the surface and is thinner, gentler than the usual lightweight jerseys. I can not think of anything but stylish, figure hugging  Rise & Fall Turtlenecks when feeling this fabric on my skin.  They will make such a stylish, modern look for Springtime evenings or a classy day look in the office, under the blazer. I have to have them sewn up soon! It is hard to share the real feel and look of this fabric in the pictures, but I tried to snap a couple of photos, hoping that it will come through.