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Inspiration for Tauko 10

TAUKO Magazine No.10 invites you to dive into the enchanting world of 'Ballroom Dreams'. This issue features nine dazzling designs inspired by the theme 'party'. From ethereal tulle gowns to shimmering glittering vests, the collection, created by international designers, captures the essence of festive elegance.

The articles and essays embark on a journey through the vibrant history of balls, tracing the vibrant tapestry of New York's ball scene to the opulent ballrooms of interwar Berlin. Experience the transformative power of acceptance, the joyful celebration of diversity and the profound sense of belonging that Ballroom Dreams offers.


Narciso Trousers

by Francesca Barbato #TAUKOnarciso 

Ex-Designer Deadstock Worsted Wool in Olive

We all need these trousers in our wardrobes! High waist, straight leg, pintucks at the front, darts, zipper at the centre back, and French pockets. Depending on the fabric, you can make trousers for special occasions or for everyday use in the office.

Ex-Designer Deadstock Olive Cotton Tencel Twill

Fabric Recommendations: Choose a light to medium-weight woven fabric such as fine wool, tailored fabric, heavy crepe or Tencel, cotton with a little bit of elastane, or jacquard.

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Trousers fabric: width 55"/140 cm; length (inches)- 50 (50.8, 56.7, 68.1, 76.4) (85.8, 100.4, 102.8, 105.1)" / length (cm)- 27 (129, 144, 173, 194) (218, 255, 261, 267) cm


Wave Blouse

by Nicole Göttler #TAUKOwave 

Embroidered Wildflowers on Caramel Cotton

WAVE is a blouse with wide open sleeves and a pleat at the shoulder as a distinctive design element. The wide sleeve openings make it perfect for layering over a simple top or a slim-fitting dress.

Peach Touch Cupro Viscose Twill in Black (comes in a variety of colours)

Fabric Recommendations: WAVE works best with light woven fabrics with stiffness/structure. Cottons, poplins, and seersuckers work well. For a structured look with a straight seam line at the sleeve, it’s important to choose a tightly woven, lightweight fabric with stiffness. We have chosen a lightweight embroidered cotton for this blouse for a more structured look, or alternatively for a softer silhouette with more drape we have chose a Cupro Visose blend. 

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Blouse fabric: width 55- 59" / 140-150 cm; length inches- 47.6 (50.4, 54.7, 52.4, 59.1) (58.7, 64.6, 61, 68.5)" / length cm- 121 (128, 139, 133, 150) (149, 164, 155, 174) cm


Iris Dress and Blouse

by Francesca Barbato #TAUKOiris 

Mind the Maker Petals Rose ECOVERO Vera Crepe

IRIS can be made as either a dress or a blouse. Both versions have wide raglan puff sleeves with buttoned cuffs and openings, a fully concealed button placket, and double-fabric neck binding. The dress version is gathered at the waist with a double-fabric waistband and features a softly gathered flounce skirt. The pieces used to create this garment allow you to play with transparency or alternate between matte and glossy fabrics. IRIS is an ode to romance and elegance.

Eglantine and Zoe Carlota Pink Magenta ECOVERO Viscose Twill

Fabric Recommendations: Choose a light, flowing woven fabric such as satin, organza, georgette, chiffon, mousseline, charmeuse, crépon, silk crepe de chine, viscose, high-quality polyester, or a blend of these fibres.

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Blouse main fabric: width 55"/140 cm; length inches - 61.4 (64.2, 68.9, 70.1, 73.2) (75.6, 79.5, 84.3, 88.2)" / length cm - 156 (163, 175, 178, 186) (192, 202, 214, 224) cm

Dress fabric: width 55"/140 cm, length 97.2 (106.3, 115.4, 120.9, 141.3*) (151.2*, 163.4*, 171.7*, 181.7**)" / 247 (270, 293, 307, 359*) (384*, 415*, 436*, 464**) cm

*Note: For sizes 5–8, the back bottom tier is turned to the opposite grainline. The width of the hem is greater than the width of the fabric. Take this into account when choosing your fabric for the dress.

** Note: For size 9, the back top tier and the back bottom tier are turned to the opposite grainline. The width of the hem is greater than the width of the fabric. Take this into account when choosing your fabric for the dress.


Claudette Dress

by Violette Tannenbaum #TAUKOclaudette 

Elegance Mauve Plain Viscose Poplin

CLAUDETTE is a beautiful tulle dress that will make your romantic dreams come true. You can make a short version by attaching just the top two ruffles, or make a full-length gown by adding the third ruffle. Make a detachable belt from the same fabric to emphasize the waist. If you want to get wild, play with different colours or shades for the ruffles.

Fabric Recommendations: CLAUDETTE works best in light, sheer fabrics such as tulle, which won’t fray when cut. This dress requires a lot of fabric due to its voluminous shape and sheer style. Note that all the ruffles are made with double layers and the edges are left raw.

If you would like to make this dress in a fluid viscose we would recommend doing a narrow rolled hem or narrow overlock finish on all pieces. The ruffle pieces could also be single layer instead of double to cut back on the fabric requirements and the weight of the dress. 

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Dress fabric for maxi version (three ruffles): width 55"/140 cm; length inches- 692.5 (733.1, 773.6, 814.2, 874.4) (942.1, 982.7, 1014.2, 1046.5)" / length cm- 1759 (1862, 1965, 2068, 2221) (2393, 2496, 2576, 2658) cm

Dress fabric for short version (two ruffles): width 55"/140 cm; length inches- 421.7 (441.3, 463.8, 483.9, 507.9) (538.2, 564.2, 578.7, 598.4)" / length cm- 1071 (1121, 1178, 1229, 1290) (1367, 1433, 1470, 1520) cm


Baby Cos Dress

by Kossoma Kernem #TAUKObabycos 

Abstract Waves Green Viscose Poplin 

The BABY COS dress has a boxy bodice combined with a gathered skirt, making the design simple and inspiring for many variations and hacks.

Version A follows the idea of the original design inspiration with a large Peter Pan collar finished with facings and a boxy dartless bodice, puffed sleeves, knee-length gathered skirt, and pockets. Version B is collarless and has an elongated skirt for a dramatic, floor-sweeping maxi dress.

Elegance Cobalt Blue Plain Viscose Poplin

Fabric Recommendations: You can go full toddler with version A, with a crisp cotton or seersucker bodice and a contrasting stiff front bodice. Go wild with the front bodice, using quilting, embroidery, pleating, corduroy! Or keep it more subtle with version B in a light drapey fabric and matching bias binding. Or even sheer!

Fabric Requiements: 

For sizes 1 (2,3,4,5) (6,7,8,9):

Dress fabric (version A):width 55"/140 cm,; length inches- 85 (87, 90.9, 96.5, 125.6) (157.9, 169.7, 176, 191.3)" /  length cm- 216 (221, 231, 245, 319) (401, 431, 447, 486) cm

If making version B add extra length required to make a maxi. 


Mirabel Skirt

  by Amélie Grenon #TAUKOmirabel


Mind the Maker Plain Blonde Yellow ECOVERO Leia Viscose Crepe

MIRABEL is a mini skirt with a gathered waist and flounces at the bottom.

It’s constructed from rectangles, so you don’t need a paper pattern to make your own version of the design. With handy side pockets and an elastic waistband, it’s an easy-to-wear piece that looks great with both casual and formal outfits. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry about the French seam and narrow/rolled hem, as these seam finishing techniques are super easy to learn!

Atelier Brunette Java Rust ECOVERO Viscose Crepe 

Fabric Recommendations: MIRABEL should be made from light or medium-weight non-stretch fabrics such as poplin and twill, rayon/viscose fabrics, linen-viscose or cotton- viscose mixes, or sandwashed linen. The fabric can be very flowing and light weight, as long as it is dark enough not to be see-through.

Fabric Requirements: For the MIRABEL skirt you need two measurements: your natural body hip circumference and the desired length of the finished skirt. Fabric requirements are given by piece in the instructions based on these measurements.


Aquilegia Jacket and Vest

by Francesca Barbato #TAUKOaquilegia


Ex-Designer Deadstock Worsted Wool Olive

AQUILEGIA is an oversized jacket that comes in two versions (with or without sleeves). It has a loose, comfortable fit and all the details of a classic jacket: Lapel collar, welt pockets, and darts. Both versions are fully lined to create a classy garment par excellence.

Eglantine and Zoe Ramo Jacquard Black 

Fabric Recommendations: Choose a light to medium-weight woven fabric like fine wool, tailored fabric,heavy crepe or Tencel, or jacquard.

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Jacket fabric: width 55"/140 cm; length inches- 109.4 (110.6, 114.6, 119.7, 129.9) (134.3, 138.6, 144.5, 146.5)" / length cm-  278 (281, 291, 304, 330)(341, 352, 367, 372) cm

Lining: width 55"/140 cm; length inches- 68.9 (70.9, 72.4, 75.2, 84.6) (90.6, 94.1, 97.6, 100.8)" / length cm- 175 (180, 184, 191, 215) (230, 239, 248, 256) cm


Breeze Cream Aubergine Enzyme Washed Pure Linen


Flöde Dress

by Josefine Hultén #TAUKOflöde 

Colour Bundles Ocean Essential Chic Cotton Jersey

The FLÖDE dress is named after the Swedish word for “flow” and is inspired by movement. The lines of the design flow over the body, creating a fun and striking effect. Although this piece may look complicated to make, it’s actually quite straightforward. The garment comes together with just a few seams to create a knee-length dress with a figure-hugging fit and a 3⁄4 sleeve. Choose two contrasting fabrics for version A or make version B for a simple “bodycon” dress.

Snug Viscose Blend Sweater Knit in Wasabi Green 

Fabric Recommendations: FLÖDE can be made from a wide variety of knits and jerseys. It works best in light to medium-weight knits with four-way stretch. Our Essential Chic Colour Bundles are ideal for version A.

 Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Dress fabric for version A, fabric A: width 59"/150 cm; length inches-  22.8 (25.6, 27.6, 27.6, 27.6) (31.5, 33.5, 35.4, 41.3)" / length cm- 58 (65, 70, 70, 70) (80, 85, 90, 105) cm

Dress fabric for version A, fabric B: width 59"/150 cm; length inches- 29.9 (30.3, 30.7, 33.5, 34.3) (35.4, 40.6, 41.3, 45.7)" / length cm- 76 (77, 78, 85, 87) (90, 103, 105, 116) cm

Dress fabric for version B: width 59"/150 cm; length inches- 41.7 (42.1, 42.5, 42.9, 43.3) (44.1, 44.5, 45.3, 45.7)" / 106 cm- (107, 108, 109, 110) (112, 113, 115, 116) cm


Three Sisters Collars

by Bren Larsen #TAUKOthreesisters

Ditsy Meadow Pink on Navy Cotton Lawn 

The THREE SISTERS collar set is a collection of three detachable collars. SOPHIE is an oversized collar that is pointed at the centre front but rounds out from front to back. MARY has dramatic, oversized points at the front and is rounded at the back. WENDY is a delicate Peter-Pan-style collar that is rounded at the front and back.

Ditsy Cottage Flowers Black Cotton Lawn

Fabric Recommendations: This pattern will work with most woven fabrics. Recommended fabrics include quilting cotton, cotton lawn, linen, needlecord, flannel, and lightweight wool. For lightweight fabrics, you may want to add interfacing to give the collar more stability. For even more of a statement collar, use sequined fabric, velvet, or even faux fur!

Fabric Requirements: 

SOPHIE with ruffle and ties: width 55"/140 cm, length 27.6"/70 cm

MARY: width 55"/140 cm, length 23.6"/60 cm

WENDY: width 55"/140 cm, length 21.6"/32 cm

This is the perfect project to make with many of our Remnant pieces.

Sweet Flowers Off-White Cotton Voile Broderie Anglaise 

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