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Seersucker fabric has a characteristic puckered surface.

The term seersucker is used to describe the appearance of a fabric. It is achieved by using groups of warp threads that are tightly woven alternated with groups that are loosely woven. The groups can be regular or irregular, which will result in a different type of pattern (regular might be a check or stripe). Each group can also contain yarns of different thickness, giving an even more enhanced effect.

During the wet finishing process the highly tensioned yarns will shrink more, resulting in the seersucker effect. Combining yarns of different fibres (and therefore different shrinkage) can also be used to create this effect.

As the fabric is light and airy, seersucker is often used to make summer clothes and bedlinen,  although you can in fact use seersucker to make all kinds of garments.  The undulating texture means that the fabric does not cling to the body and therefore facilitates good heat regulation. 
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