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About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our Fabric Boutique!  I would like to tell you a bit about who we are and why we are so passionate about sourcing and providing high qualify sewing products. 

My name is Liana and I run Lamazi Fabrics with my husband James.  I have been sewing for a number of years now and sewing has become a real passion of mine!  For me there is nothing better than making your own bespoke clothing from scratch and being able to choose everything from fabric to colour of the thread and most importantly the fit.

There is nothing more rewarding than saying "I made it" when people complement your outfit and ask which shop it came from. Sewing is also a wonderfully relaxing activity, it takes away all the strains that can come with modern life and more importantly it brings amazing people together online or physically as part of sewing groups or parties.

James and I have a particular passion for high quality designer fabrics and beautiful designer patterns so it is our policy to only supply great quality items on our site.  Our aim is not only to provide a beautiful selection of hand picked products, but more than that, we aim to build on the amazing sewing community spirit with regular social media updates, product offers and in time sewing events. 

Our name Lamazi means beautiful in Georgian. Georgia is a country in Europe that was at the heart of the Silk Road which has been a trading route for designer and exquisite quality fabrics for hundreds of years.  We aim to provide the same highest quality fabrics from around the world to you today and hope you will enjoy browsing our hand selected range. 

Our range will be expanding so remember to come back to check out our new products lines.  If you have any queries please let us know at and we will be happy to hear from you.

Many Thanks 

James and Liana 


James and Liana