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About Us


To inspire mindful and joyful creativity in the
sewing community with beautiful, expressive
and high-quality products.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking your time to read our story. Here is a little peak to what made Lamazi Fabrics come to life.

We are a family business, run by husband and wife team James and Liana with the support of our friend Sharlene who looks after Lamazi Fabrics social media platforms. Our passion is to source the most beautiful, sustainably manufactured sewing supplies and inspire and spread the joy of sewing in the sewing community. Dressmaking is one of the most fulfilling, mindful and exciting experiences and we feel very happy to be part of this world. There is nothing more exciting and flattering than finding the right material, go through a creative process of paring it with the right sewing pattern and then saying “I made it” after you receive a complement and get asked “where did you buy” the garment you are wearing.

brand essence

 Lamazi Fabrics is not just a fabric shop' but a brand that inspires happiness, confidence and creativity. Customers feel empowered to start their sewing journey, improve their crafting confidence and create their own-made unique garments using beautiful and high-quality textiles. 

Lamazi Fabrics is their trusted 'go to place' to express their sewing passion. It's a place full of beauty and inspiration, where customers feel at home to indulge their creativity and spend time browsing expertly curated fabrics - feasting their eyes on items of wonder and planning their future creative projects.

We launched Lamazi Fabrics at the start of March 2018. We are still relatively new but have quickly built a large following of lovely, friendly customers. At the time, James and I were working through our professional and stressful careers: late nights and commuting for multiple hours. We lacked the time to focus and enjoy the moment in time. We always wanted to have our own small business offering something unique and different to the friendly sewing community. We could not have picked a better community than sewing as everyone is so friendly, engaged and happy. Interaction with our customers and their positive attitude really made a big difference in our lives. 

Brand personality




I (Liana) started sewing after buying a sewing machine through gift vouchers we received at our wedding. I was a complete novice and social media and online classes were my main source of knowledge. I loved it since and have not stopped making clothes mainly using independent sewing patterns as I found I was learning a lot from their easy to follow and detailed instructions.

The biggest joy of this new experience was fabric shopping! With the background of consumer science in marketing and law between the two of us, we fell into the habit of looking for fabric shops everywhere we went together as a completely different and therapeutic experience. We even started running a sewing Group in our town Horsham in West Sussex to bring together sewing enthusiasts and create a lovely community.

Brand feelings



Consciously indulgent

But what made the launch of Lamazi Fabrics happen was something more personal and challenging which turned into an exciting opportunity for both of us. James was made redundant twice in a year as the businesses he was working for closed down causing a lot of stress to our lives. This coupled with my brief time off work due to stress, sewing and fabric shopping was the biggest therapy and relief. We thought it was time to fulfil our dream and launch Lamazi Fabrics, full of beautiful fabrics, that would connect people from all around the world in order to create exciting garments for themselves and for others as it is such a positive community to be engaged with.

James and I have a particular passion for high quality independent designer fabrics and patterns so it is our policy to only supply great quality items on our website, including our own exclusive ranges that are made sustainably and responsibly. We particularly like working with other small businesses and supporting them. Most of our products are sourced from independent designers who have great focus on sustainability, quality and style. Our aim is not only to provide a beautiful selection of hand picked products, but more than that, we aim to build on the amazing sewing community’s spirit by sharing regular inspiring contents on social media and on our blog and also arranging regular events. We also try to offer personal service as much as possible by offering advice and support to our customers.

Sustainability is at the core of our hearts and everyday life. We choose fabrics responsibly with a great consideration of their origin and manufacturing process. Most (if not all) of our fabrics are made using natural fibres, majority of them are OEKO Tex Certified and/or Organic. Our paper packaging is recyclable and reusable, even the ribbon that we use to bundle up your fabrics is one of the essential sewing haberdashery items which you can reuse to stabilise shoulder seems. Our postcards are made from recycled paper and can be used to adorn your sewing space or gift to a fellow sewing friend.

Our name Lamazi means beautiful in Georgian, the native language of Liana. Georgia is a country in Europe that was at the heart of the Silk Road which has been a trading route for exquisite quality fabrics for hundreds of years.  The name Lamazi also conveys the beauty of the fabrics that we bring to you and the garments we inspire, encouraging the making of beautiful clothes with sustainable fabrics.  

Our range is constantly expanding so remember to come back to check our new product lines regularly. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on instagram as well as YouTube channel for regular sewing inspiration and tutorials. If you have any queries or feedback please let us know at we will be happy to hear from you.

Many Thanks 

James and Liana 

brand concept

make beautiful

Sophisticated beauty underpins this concept as the creativity and happiness that sewing brings to customers is brought to life through delicate, nature inspired patterns and illustrations.

Green botanicals nod to the sustainable and natural side of our brand. A muted and decadent colour palette reflects our fabric quality and feels welcoming and calming. An elegantly simple font positions Lamazi as a luxury, ambitious and trustworthy brand. This is then complimented by an expressive brush font to demonstrate our personal and welcoming touch. 

Overall the concept encourages customers to 'make beautiful' and to feel inspired, creative and excited by our brand.