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Alex Joggers and Charlie Hoodie by Abi 

My daughter has been asking for a tracksuit for some time, so when it came to my turn for a Lamazi blog make, it was the obvious choice. This set is made using the Alex Jogger Pants Pattern by Misusu Patterns and the Charlie Hoodie Pattern by Ikatee.
The fabric choice was pretty easy, I've had my eyes on this Scribble Cloud Desert Wood French Terry since I saw it on the Lamazi stall at one of the shows last year. See You at Six French Terry is lovely to work with, it has more bounce than other Terry's I have used, and is lovely and soft. If you are new to sewing with knitted fabrics French Terry would be a good place to start, it is relatively stable, has less stretch than other knits and so holds it's shape nicely when you sew. The hoodie is lined with the Essential Chic Black Cotton Jersey and the cuffs and trims are See You at Six black ribbing
The Joggers: 
I have made other Misusu garments, their patterns are extremely well written, the instructions are clear and every pattern has numerous options, the Alex Joggers are no exception. The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to blend between sizes and shorten or lengthen you joggers. I chose to make the full length joggers with front pockets and pocket bands. Based on the pattern measurements, I made a size 5-6, blended to a 7-8 length. This style includes a gusset, which, although I like from a movement and practical point of view, doesn't really do it for me aesthetically, I decided to play it down and just make it in the same fabric as the rest of the trousers. There is nothing to trip you up in this pattern, sewing the gusset is a bit fiddly, but the instructions are very clear. If you are bored of sewing leggings or want something a little warmer for your children, this is a great option. 
The Hoodie:
I like Ikatee's fit for my daughter, she is slim and reasonably tall. Based on the measurements given in most patterns I end up cutting age 5 (sometimes 4) for the widths (chest, waist and hips) and grade to age 7 for height. The measurements given for Ikatee patterns are much closer to my daughter's body shape and mean I can just cut a straight size with no grading. If you are new to sewing it is really worthwhile spending sometime studying the measurement charts in any given pattern and cutting to the actual size of your child, rather than just cutting by their age. For this hoodie she measured between an age 6 and 7 and as I made this outfit in the middle of a heatwave, I made a 7, expecting that she won't wear it all that much for a couple of months.  
The construction of the hoodie is more complicated than the trousers. There is a button placket and the hood is lined, the instructions are ok, but take some deciphering for the more complicated elements. I strongly recommend watching the video tutorial on the Ikatee website, which despite being in French, (unless of course you speak French), makes everything clear. 
Having completed the hood I was a bit disappointed in the shape, it didn't feel as snugly or cosy as I'd hoped and I felt it either needed more body or a tighter shape around the face. I picked it and made the centre hood band narrower at the top. It gives a more fitted shape, but sadly it has made the hood more oblong and has lost that rounded shape I think a hoodie needs. In hindsight I think it would have been better to alter the shape of both the hood side pieces and the hood band. Next time I will also line it with a thicker fabric, probably a terry, to give it all some more body.... Sew and learn! 
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results, it's sloppy and slouchy and just how a tracksuit for a six year old should be!
I hope you have enjoyed reading, until next time, enjoy your sewing!

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