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Athina Kakou's beautiful makes from Lamazi Fabrics

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to be blogging on the Lamazi blog this month. I have been a complete addict to the beautiful fabrics Lamazi Fabrics stock and I can’t wait to share with all of you what I made with them.

This summer I’ve been trying to be really intentional with my sewing and create pieces that I knew I was going to wear a lot, following the steps described in my book “Sewing your dream wardrobe”. Since I am a very girly girl and I love anything feminine, I decided to create a collection based around the pink colour. Amongst my other makes, I chose 4 fabrics from Lamazi to create the outfits I had in mind. See the image and links for the fabrics below: 

Fabrics listed in order from top to the bottom:

1. Summer Garden Rayon Challis  2.Lines in Old Pink by See You At Six 3. Botanical Flamenco Cotton Lawn 4.Summer Blooms Rayon

The first two things I made with the intention of creating pieces that could be worn both together as an outfit, but also separately with other pieces from my collection were a pink Dominique skirt (pattern by Tilly and the Buttons) and a floral Ogden Cami (pattern by True Bias). I’ve made so many Ogdens this summer and enjoyed wearing them a lot, so this has been my go-to pattern for a simple, quick top that I can make in a couple of hours using very little fabric. This one is made using a beautiful Summer Garden viscose fabric that drapes like a dream and was very easy to work with.

As for the skirt, this is where a little disaster happened. It was my first time making this pattern and stupidly enough, I didn’t pay attention to the cutting instructions. Well, in all honesty, I saw the Grainline arrows on the pattern pieces but I decided to ignore them. So instead of cutting the skirt pieces on the bias, I cut them along the grain. This skirt has 4 seams, meaning that apart from the side seams it also has a center back and a center fold seam. The fact that it’s cut on the bias makes it very flowy and drapey and guess what! By not doing that, the result wasn’t as expected. In fact, at first I hated it so much that I left it hanging on my bedroom door for a couple of weeks before hemming it. This often happens to me with makes that don’t go as planned and what I find best is to distance myself from them for a while and get back to them with a clear head later on. And in this case I’m so glad I didn’t give up! Once I leveled the hem and finished everything, I paired it with the Ogden cami and a pair of high heels and I really loved the combination. It is very feminine, very comfortable and although I can’t say that it’s my favourite make ever, I will definitely wear it in the warmer months.

The next make was another one that I changed my mind about quite a lot. When I first saw this stunning flamingo cotton lawn I knew I wanted to create a garment that wasn’t going to interrupt the print too much. So it had to be simple. My initial thought was to make a dress, but because the white background on this lawn made it quite see-through, I decided to go for something else. And then, one of the viewers on my YouTube channel suggested the ultimate garment: a Kimono. Because the print has a Japanese style in my opinion, I knew it was going to be the perfect match. So I made the Kimono Jacket by Sew Over It and I am really pleased with the result. It is perfect for transitional seasons, when you need an extra layer but it’s too warm for a sweater. It goes with many clothes in my wardrobe, because of the pink and blue shades and I love wearing it. In the photos, I have paired it with another plain pink Ogden Cami and a pair of RTW blue trousers.

And last but not least, my absolute favorites! I can’t express how much I adore this outfit, I have worn it so many times since I made it and I can’t seem to get bored of it (which is rare for me). I used a beautiful Summer Blooms, soft viscose in a navy background with flowers and created a faux jumpsuit. What this means is that I’ve actually made 2 pieces, a pair of culottes and an Ogden cami using the same fabric. When they are worn together they look like a jumpsuit, but you can also wear them separately. Having a versatile wardrobe means a lot to me, so you can understand why I like this combo so much. For the culottes I used a Simplicity Pattern by MimiG (8558) that have an elasticated waist. I’ve made them before in a linen, but the viscose makes them so flowy and airy that I constantly want to move around and dance to show the pretty fabric off.

Overall, I’m really pleased with all the makes and they were a great addition to my pink collection. I’m really sad that I’ll have to pack away most of them soon. Weather in Greece, although is still relatively warm, has been showing signs of autumn.

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything and that I have inspired you to browse through the beautiful selection of Lamazi Fabrics and find the perfect materials for your upcoming projects. 

Happy sewing,


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