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Kalle Shirt Dress in Atelier Brunette Shine Night by Carol

Hey there you guys,

I’m so excited to introduce myself as one of Liana and James’s blog team, and to share with you my first ever blog post for Lamazi Fabrics! I’m Carol to some, but many of you will have seen me around on IG or on my blog as Chatterstitch. I chose that name as they are my favourite things to do “Chatter and Stitch!”

I’m sure you can imagine; I was totally spoilt for choice, when choosing my fabric. Liana and James have curated the most beautiful collection. I certainly spent many happy hours down the Lamazi rabbit hole! Eventually, I finally settled on this delicious Atelier Brunette viscose, its name is Shine Night.

I have really craved a dress length Closet Case Kalle dress and although I have made two Kalles before, only a cropped one and one as the tunic length, and when my fabric arrived, I just knew this was going to be perfect!

After a quick prewash I couldn’t resist draping it over my dress form just to admire the drape and fall of the viscose, isn’t it just divine?

Now I’ve never used an Atelier Brunette fabric before and had wondered if all the hype was justified? Let me tell you, it really is, the fabric is so soft and fine. I can honestly say it really made me want to make this every effort to make this Kalle a thing of wonder.

If you’ve never made a shirt I can definitely recommend the Kalle as its quite a loose shape and that means you don’t have to worry about fit issues, there are also great resources over on the Closet case website with tutorials on each stage of construction.

One of my favourite parts is the Burrito roll for turning the yolk.
Firstly, the outside yolk is attached to both sides of the shirt front and the back. Then the inside yolk is attached to the other already attached yolk piece with the shirt back as the sandwich (Burrito) middle.

Burrito roll

Then roll up the fronts and the back and secure the two yolk pieces enclosing the fronts and back

Burrito roll

Once you’ve pinned and stitched you can pull the burrito filling out through the neck opening.

Tada, isn’t this the best sewing sorcery?

I also couldn’t resist giving the side seams a French seam finish!

Both my other versions of the Kalle have been overlocked to finish the seams. Which is great when using a cotton poplin or chambray but I felt this fabulous fabric really deserved the finest of details.

Don’t be deterred from trying these, French seams are super easy and give a beautiful clean seam finish.

Firstly, sew the wrong sides of the front and back together so the seam is sticking out (this feels very odd) as the raw edge is on the outside of the shirt!


Then I trimmed the slight frayed edge with my rotary cutter before ironing the seam.

Then flip the shirt right sides together and sew a seam enclosing the raw edge, all neat and tidy now!

I also couldn’t resist adding gorgeous matching Atelier Brunette buttons!

I’m so pleased I had a stash of these self-cover buttons as it meant I could create the perfect match of buttons to complete my make. Although my stash of self-cover buttons was a different brand Lamazi have the Milward self-cover buttons in their haberdashery!

I’m really ecstatic about my new Kalle I made the size 14 but with a tiny tweak, I actually used the size 12 collar and adjusted the yolk to accept it as with my previous Kalle shirts I felt the collar was a little on the big side. I am really pleased and will definitely use this version in the future!

I think if I’d not used my Atelier Brunette Viscose for my Kalle shirtdress it would have been perfect for so many other garments, maybe a beautiful drapey orchid Midi Dress?

I hope you like my first Lamazi Blogger make I know I do!

Till next time keep chatting and stitching, Carol 😊

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  • Carol, Great review, beautifully sewn Kalle, and beautiful photos, too. The Kalle shirt is on my list—my very long—well, too long-list of sew-do’s. But this has inspired me to get to it sooner:) Kate *Silversistersews

    Silversistersews (Kate)

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