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Carolyn Pyjamas in our Lizzano Cotton Satin made and reviewed by Amanda

Hi Everyone,

Its Amanda back on the Lamazi blog with my newest make from another of their gorgeous fabrics.  

As soon as I saw this Lizzano Cotton Satin in the navy colourway I thought it would be perfect for a spring version of the Carolyn Pyjamas by Closet Case Patterns.  

Lizzano cotton satin
I had wanted a more luxurious version of these pyjamas for a while but as most satins are polyester they are not particularly comfortable to wear and do not really provide any warmth.  So this cotton satin is perfect as is will keep you cool in the summer but as cotton also has thermal properties so can provide some warmth in the cooler months. Perfect.

I have previously made pyjama bottoms from this pattern but as it was from a directional tartan I couldn’t face trying to pattern match the top.  I loved the fit of the bottoms they are really comfortable and have front facing pockets which have a really interesting construction.

This fabric is really soft and was a dream to sew with.  It has a really lovely sheen to it and the striking print is fabulous.  I knew the pyjamas definitely needed piping to given them a really luxurious feel.

I had a tough decision choosing the right colour piping as I didn’t know whether to use something completely contrasting or to pick one of the colours from the print.  I had some white satin bias tape in my stash which I thought would compliment the fabric so I ordered some piping cord and made my own.


If you’ve never made piping it is super easy, especially if you have ready made bias tape like I did.  All you do is iron the binding flat and then place the piping cord in the middle wrapping the tape around the outside.  You then just simply sew the edges together encasing the cord. I like to use a basting stitch and a narrow zipper foot to sew it relatively close to the cord.  Although you don’t want to sew too close to the cord otherwise the the stitching might show when you’ve sewn it in place.

I have to admit I had concerns about the construction of the top as I had read blog posts that had indicated it was not a straightforward sew.  Everything came together relatively easily but I did struggle a little with attaching the facing to the shoulders. As there is no back facing the construction is a little difference to collars I have sewn before but I think the finish is ok.  I ended up top stitching it in place from the right side rather than stitching in the ditch as the pattern suggests.


I found the instructions to be a little sparse in some areas but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out and I am really pleased with how they turned out.  I made a different size top to the bottoms as I went for a size 2 on the top and a size 6 on the bottom as my measurements are B33”, W26.5” and H36” and I didn’t want the shorts to be restrictive in any way.  The fit is perfect as I have worn them already to sleep in and they were super comfortable they didn’t ride up or fall down, just perfect. I also made sure the elastic wasn’t too tight for the same reason.


I didn’t have 1.5” elastic as the pattern calls for but did have 1.25” so I just sewed a row of stitching around the top of the waistband to stop it from moving around.

As you can see I also made covered buttons from my scraps and used the solid navy section of the fabric.

Overall I am really pleased with how they turned out and like I say the fabric was a dream to work with and is super comfortable.  The only thing to mention is as this fabric has a white back any pulls will show to make sure you are careful when you pin and also that you use a really sharp and fine needle to prevent this.

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!!

Amanda xx

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