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Esther Blouse In Art Gallery Fabrics Winterberry Pine

Wowzer how is it almost November, this year is certainly passing in a blur isn’t it?

If you are anything like me, your thoughts are probably starting to think of the winter ahead and maybe even “Christmas”??

I must admit that when I chose this beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics Rayon, for my latest blogger make I definitely had Christmas in mind. 

The print is called Winterberry Pine and the colours are just so lovely. The background is a really saturated teal shade, with the most delightful leaf and berry pattern, in varying shades of blue and green. It definitely makes me think of winter, so is perfectly titled in my opinion.

Please be mindful though that this pattern is directional. Although I had plenty of fabric for my make I could imagine that if you believed it wasn’t directional you could make a mistake and come up short.

I chose to make a pattern which I’ve made once before and knew would be perfect for this fabric, it’s the Wardrobe By Me, Esther blouse, which I actually pattern tested and then promptly forgot about!

Its an ideal winter blouse with long sleeves and a simple back buttoned boat neck and button cuffs which just elevates it into fabulous. 

The winterberry pine rayon was just perfect, I used a new rotary cutter blade and a fresh fine needle in my sewing machine, and the fabric was an absolute dream to cut and sew with. It is stable enough to not stretch out while working with and it didn’t even fray much either.

I always pre-wash before cutting out as I would be heart broken if my beautiful Winterberry blouse shrank and I couldn’t wear it again!!

I made view A in size 14 and it fit straight away with no adjustments.

I really love my new Esther blouse, but if I hadn’t made the Esther, I think Winterberry pine Rayon would have also been just fabulous as a Closet Core patterns Ceilo blouse (I would definitely make View B with those fabulous sleeves!) or an Experimental space Josie blouse which has equally glorious bishop sleeves. 

But, I think my Esther is just perfect and although Christmas will be very different this year, I know when ever I wear my beautiful Esther it will make me smile as it’s so pretty!!

Till next time keep chatting a stitching, Carol aka Chatterstitch. 😊

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