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In The Folds Wrap Top in Granito Viscose by Joanne

Hello everyone, I am Joanne from Joanna Essentials. I am so happy to join the Lamazi blogger team and share my very first blog post for Lamazi Fabrics today! I opted to use Atelier Brunette rayon viscose fabric in Granito Chestnut and used a free pattern from Peppermint Magazine in conjunction with In The Folds called the Wrap Top.

I can not say enough good things about this pattern and the fabric was the perfect choice! I am a huge fan of wrap tops and dresses, I find them to work well with my body shape and lifestyle. I can see why this has been a popular pattern amongst the sewing community and it's free! If you have sewn Peppermint Magazine patterns before, you know they are very well drafted and come with beautiful finishing techniques like french seams and interesting ways to attach facings and button plackets, I always take something away in skill after sewing one of their patterns, I can not believe they are free, but they do currently accept donations.


The Atelier Brunette fabric is no exception. It is such a beautiful fabric to sew with. I love the earthy warm colors in the Granito Chestnut and the print is not too loud or overwhelming for me, a girl who usually works with solids. This top and pattern marriage is spot on, I can not wait to wear it out on a summer’s night!

Construction Details

I cut out a straight size D with zero modifications. My measurements are 35” B 29” W 38” . There is not a ton of ease in this pattern, and it wraps around the body, so I was not too concerned about it being oversized, however I usually have to make a broad back adjustment, or I find gaping in the bust or neckline, I had zero problems with the fit of this top! Lamazi sent the recommended amount of fabric that is required for the pattern, I followed the layout exactly as pictured. I had JUST ENOUGH fabric for the project, for a minute I didn’t think it would work as it was a little short with the bodice tie piece , but it worked out! I would suggest purchasing a little more than required just to be sure. I am going to make a hair scrunchie with the leftover scrap fabric! The fabric is a little shifty to work with on the cutting table, I made sure to sandwich the fabric in between tissue paper and use heavy weights. I also used my rotary cutter and ruler to get clean edges.


Sewing was such a pleasure! All the details in the pattern really elevate the garment, not to mention using this high quality fabric, I was in sewing heaven! The peppermint wrap top uses french seams throughout, except for the right side of the bodice, as you are leaving a space for the tie to go through. There are also no bias bound edges on the neckline and ties! Other wrap tops that I have sewn in the past all use bias bound edges, which can be finicky to attach. The edges of the peppermint wrap top are neatly folded over twice, along the neckline and attached strap pieces, as well as the edges of the bottom bodice. I really enjoyed this simple method and found no bunching or gaping at the neckline. You certainly could use bias binding or even a narrow hem for a more professional look.

The Inside facing was also very interesting to attach, with french seams at the shoulders and hidden raw edges at the neckline. The instructions were very helpful and clear, I am so pleased with the outcome. Overall the details of this pattern really make it worthwhile.

I will be making at least two more peppermint wrap tops for summer, one in linen and another with a hacked puff sleeve!  Just like all patterns, whatever fabric you decide to use really changes the look and overall feel of the pattern. I highly suggest using the Atelier Brunette viscose for this pattern, it's really a match made in heaven!

Thank you for reading!



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