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Inspiration for Sewing with Double Gauze

Are you looking for ideas or inspiration for sewing with Double Gauze fabrics?

We have a wonderful range of Cotton Double Gauze fabrics at Lamazi fabrics. However as a fabric that is often used for kids wear it can be hard to picture it as a finished garment. Today’s blog will provide plenty of inspiration for what to make with this fabric.

What is Double Gauze?

A single layer of Cotton Gauze is lightweight open fabric and lends itself well to loose, unstructured garments. Double Gauze is when 2 layers of gauze fabric are stitched together in small irregular stitches, leaving some air trapped in between the layers. This gives the fabric a very lightweight, bouncy feel. The construction of the fabric traps air between the layers and actually makes this quite a warm fabric, while still feeling very lightweight and breathable. 

When it comes to washing your Double Gauze fabric you will find that it does shrink up in the first wash, especially at the edges. This is easily fixed with a quick iron to straighten it out, or you can leave the crinkles in the fabric if you prefer that effect. The natural ‘crinkly-ness’ of the fabric will flatten out when pressed, so you need to consider this as you are working with the fabric. If you want to keep this feature of the fabric you can finger press instead. As it is cotton it does press well so you can still achieve a crisp edge if desired.

These qualities make for a lovely fabric which can be used for a wide variety of projects. Let’s have a look at some inspiration.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

A dress or jumpsuit in cotton gauze will work well for spring, summer or even autumn depending on the pattern you choose. 

A simple wrap dress in Atelier Brunette Stardust Powder Double Gauze will be the perfect lightweight dress for summer. The gold embroidered dots are a beautiful touch on this delicate fabric. We recommend the Papercut Patterns Midsummer Night's Dream Dress to recreate this look.

The By Hand London Hannah Wrap dress will work perfectly with our Dots Organic double Gauze which is available in multiple colours on our website. This pattern comes with the option for a bishop sleeve and the volume created by the double gauze will definitely give you some Joyful Sleeves and a dress that will work for colder weather too. This fabric is giving us serious Pretty Woman vibes, add a straw hat and you are set for all your outdoor summer activities. 

The Papercut Patterns Kobe Dress and Top has some really interesting details at the back and would work perfectly with our See You At Six Swipes Sagebrush Green Double gauze. 


The Papercut Patterns Sequence dress made up in our Atelier Brunette Petal Maple Double Gauze will make another dreamy summer dress. 

It is often assumed that loose styles will work better with double gauze. The Nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen D Blue Double Gauze Fabric would pair well with the new Deer & Doe Orchidee dress or top as this pattern includes a lining which will help support the lightweight gaze. Add a few extra ruffles and tiers to recreate this beautiful dress. 


Another great option for Double Gauze is tops and trousers. Again, the extra layer of air will help trap body heat so these pieces can be wore from spring to autumn. 

The rich copper tones of the Foil Feathers Terracotta Cotton Double Gauze will pair perfectly with the Papercut Patterns Kyoto Sweater/Tee and work well for many seasons. 

A loose blouse teamed with a pair of classic blue jeans is always an easy wardrobe option. Pair the I Am lucienne Shirt with the Nani IRO Fuwari A White Double Gauze to add a pop of colour.

The Tilly and the Buttons Stevie top is another perfect pairing for double gauze fabrics. Our new Cousette Charmille Nude Double Gauze is perfect for this pattern.

The Papercut Patterns Nexus blouse has beautiful voluminous sleeves, and paired with our Speckles old Rose Organic Double Gauze you will have a romantic summer blouse.

A pair of Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks will be extra comfortable in Sunshine Rouge Organic Double Gauze. Pair with a simple white tee for the ultimate laid back summer look. 

The Papercut Pattern Palisade Pants are another great option for trousers, with an interesting pocket detail. Our Nani Iro New Morning Brown Double Gauze fabric will pair well with this pattern. We recommend pairing it with a blue or teal top to match the floral print. 


Double gauze is a great option for children and babies, as the natural fibres and breathable nature of the fabric will be kind to their skin.

The Ikatee Couture Stockholm Blouse and Dress is the perfect match for our Atelier Brunette Stardust Chestnut Double Gauze. 

The Ikatee Stella dress is another perfect option for double gauze. The fabric will hold the volume of the ruffles perfectly in the Speckles Taupe Organic Double Gauze.

Another Ikatee pattern that will work perfectly with the See You At Six Peonies Sea Salt White is the Anna dress. This is a great option for all seasons.

Lightweight Jacket 

Double gauze will be an ideal fabric for an extra layer now that we will be socialising outside. 

The Papercut Patterns Juno Jacket will work well with the Foil Feathers Marine Cotton Double Gauze.

Thank you for reading our latest inspiration blog. Do you have a favourite pattern to use for double gauze? 



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