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Inspiration for Tauko 11

TAUKO Magazine Issue No.11 warmly invites you to explore the theme of "Gathering". Immerse yourself in the world of craft as we celebrate the joy of coming together, embracing the art of creating and connecting.

Discover a vibrant collection of sewing pattern designs crafted for summer gatherings by independent designers worldwide. From summery tops to ruffled dresses, relaxed overalls to fitted tops, and wide-leg trousers, our curated selection offers something for sewists of all levels. Each design is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of ease and comfort, perfect for relaxed moments with loved ones or joyful celebrations of handmade pieces.

Discover each pattern below, along with our top fabric suggestions for each one. 

Elsa Dress

By Jessica Silversaga

ELSA is a voluminous dress with statement sleeves that are longer at the back and create a beautiful silhouette. The design has a fitted bodice with darts, a concealed zip at the centre back, and a gathered, tiered skirt.

You can make a top from this pattern by omitting the skirt, or a midi dress by adding just the skirt ruffle. ELSA is a fun and elegant design that’s easy to make.

Fabric Recommendations:  ELSA is designed for woven fabrics with some structure, such as cotton, linen, or wool. For a softer look you could also choose a fabric with more drape like a viscose.

Elegant Eucalyptus Viscose

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1-9:

Dress fabric:
width 55"/140 cm, length 135-208.3" / 343-529 cm

Top fabric: width 55"/140 cm, length 61” - 105.5" / 155 cm - 268 cm

Atelier Brunette Flake in Bubble Gum Viscose Cotton Blend Fabric


Aina Blouse

By Silke Türck

The AINA blouse is an elegant collar shirt with a gathered bodice, asymmetrical back yoke, and concealed button placket. The sleeves are formed by a lengthened shoulder seam and a delicate sleeve stripe. Customize the pattern by altering the length of the blouse for a seamless transition to a stylish dress!


Fabric Recommendations:  Choose light to medium-weight fabrics such as linen, denim, or cotton for a structured look and drapey fabrics such as viscose or silk for a more airy and organic look.

New Nature’s Wonder Viscose Linen Noil 

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Blouse fabric: width 55"/140 cm, length 51.2 (53.5, 56.3, 61.4, 67.3) (73.6, 78.7, 83.1, 89.8)" / 130 (136, 143, 156, 171)(187, 200, 211, 228) cm

Scalloped Flowers Embroidered Cotton Fabric in Dark Navy

(Use the scalloped edge to make a feature of your hem)


Storm Trousers

By Josefine Hultén

The STRÖM trousers are a statement piece that can be elegant and chic, but also comfortable and wearable. The design is high-waisted and wide-legged with a curved waistband, invisible side zipper, front pleats, back darts, and slanted pockets.

Version A has flowing design lines and uses two contrasting fabrics. You can use complementary or contrasting colours, a print and a solid, or why not try a sheer or shiny fabric at the bottom? Version B is a simpler, more classic version.

Fabric Recommendations: STRÖM works with a wide range of non-stretch woven fabrics. Choose a light to medium-weight linen or cotton such as poplin, voile, quilting cotton, or twill. Or try something with more drape, such as a crepe or medium-weight viscose or Tencel.

Flow Black Viscose Linen Blend Fabric

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Trousers fabric A for version A (upper fabric): width 59"/150 cm, length 42.1 (48, 48.8, 49.6, 51.2) (58.3, 61.8, 62.6, 63.8)" / 107 (122, 124, 126, 130) (148, 157, 159, 162) cm

Trousers fabric B for version A (bottom fabric): width 59"/150 cm, length 23.6 (25.6, 26.4, 27.2, 28.3) (30.3, 38.6, 38.6, 38.6)" / 60 (65, 67, 69, 72) (77, 98, 98, 98) cm

Trousers fabric for version B: width 59"/150 cm, length 69.7 (70.9, 72.8, 76, 83.5) (84.3, 87.4, 90.2, 91.3)" / 177 (180, 185, 193, 212) (214, 222, 229, 232) cm


Breeze Teal - Enzyme Washed  Pure Linen 


Fors Top

by Josefine Hultén

Named after the Swedish word for “torrent”, the FORS top is inspired by movement. Although the garment is rather structured, it accentuates the curves of the body to create movement and flow. The top has a square neckline, wide shoulder straps, and a button- down front. The cropped design makes it perfect to wear with high-waisted trousers, like the STRÖM trousers also featured in this issue.

Fabric RecommendationsChoose medium-weight, non-stretch woven fabrics such as poplin, voile, quilting cotton or linen. Make sure your fabric is not too thin, too flimsy, or too drapey.

Summer Party Painted Foliage Ocean Pure Linen

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Top fabric: width 59"/150 cm, length 16.5 (16.9, 16.9, 17.3, 17.3) (19.3, 19.7, 19.7, 19.7)" / 42 (43, 43, 44, 44) (49, 50, 50, 50) cm


Lohi Dress and Skirt

by Cindy Bithell


LOHI has four design variations. A template is provided for each variation and is meant to be drawn directly onto the fabric instead of using a traditional paper pattern.

With a simple adjustment to the overall length of the template, LOHI can be a dress, a skirt, or even a blouse! Versions A and B can have shoulder straps or be strapless. For party vibes, just add the ruffle; for a casual summer stroll, leave the ruffle off. The top has an elastic band that can be adjusted to fit the exact measurements of your high bust.

Fabric Recommendations: LOHI is designed for a lightweight fabric with a soft drape, such as silk, chiffon, a light linen, a viscose blend, or Tencel twill.

Golden Blooms on Cobalt Blue Viscose

Fabric Requirements: 

Note: These are the exact measurements of fabric required for each version and size.


Dress fabric for version A, size 1–3: strapless: 44 x 68"/112 x 173 cm with straps: 44 x 68"/112 x 173 cm

Dress fabric for version A, size 4–6: strapless: 50 x 68"/127 x 173 cm with straps: 50 x 69.75"/127 x 173 cm

Dress fabric for version A, size 7–9: strapless: 56 x 68"/142 x 173 cm with straps: 56 x 69.75"/142 x 173 cm


Dress fabric for version B, size 1–3: strapless: 30 x 80"/76 x 203 cm with straps: 30 x 83.5"/76 x 212 cm

Dress fabric for version B, size 4–6: strapless: 36 x 80"/91.5 x 203 cm with straps: 36 x 83.5"/91.5 x 212 cm

Dress fabric for version B, size 7–9 (cut on crossgrain): strapless: 42 x 80"/107 x 203 cm with straps: 42 x 83.5"/107 x 212 cm


Skirt fabric for version C, size 1–3: 51 x 46"/130 x 117 cm
Skirt fabric for version C, size 4–6: 57 x 46"/145 x 117 cm

Skirt fabric for version C, size 7–9: 63 x 46"/160 x 117 cm


Skirt fabric for version C, size 1–3: 30 x 60"/76 x 152.4 cm

Skirt fabric for version C, size 4–6: 36 x 60"/91.5 x 152.4 cm

Skirt fabric for version C, size 7–9: 42 x 60"/107 x 152.4 cm


Pink Painted Flowers Cotton Broderie Anglaise


Veranda Jumpsuit

by Kaisa Rissanen


The VERANDA jumpsuit has a rounded neckline and is punctuated with buttons that lead to a drawstring at the waist. Wear it loose or cinched – this design has a relaxed shape for different body types. VERANDA has patch pockets on the front; if you wish, you can add more pockets on the chest and/ or back. The length of the leg can easily be adjusted, and the playful shorts version is perfect for warm summer days!

Fabric Recommendations: VERANDA works best in medium-weight fabrics. Consider using cotton, linen, Tencel, double-gauze, or velvet.

Black Pinstripe Viscose Linen Noil

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Jumpsuit fabric for long version: width 55"/140 cm, length 73.6 (81.5, 87.8, 94.1, 98.4) (107.1, 115, 118.5, 128)" / 187 (207, 223, 239, 250) (272, 292, 301, 325) cm

Jumpsuit fabric for shorts version: width 55"/140 cm, length 52.4 (61, 64.2, 67.3, 71.7) (76.4, 79.9, 80.3, 84.6)" / 133 (155, 163, 171, 182) (194, 203, 204, 215) cm


Summer Party Painted Foliage Pure Linen


Ollie Top

by Natalie Chanin

The one-size-fits-all OLLIE top has a flowing fit with short, loose sleeves and a wide, rounded neckline with a drawstring. The sewing instructions have been written specifically with hand-sewing in mind, but of course you can also use a sewing machine!

Fabric Recommendations: Choose any jersey knit. This design works best in medium–weight fabrics.

Tropical Leaf Lyocell Jacquard in Black

 Fabric Requirements: 

Top fabric for single-layer garment: width 60"/150 cm, length 90"/230 cm

Top fabric for double-layer garment: width 60"/150 cm, length 180"/460 cm

Atelier Brunette Flake in Deep Charcoal Viscose Cotton Blend Fabric


Dyad Dress

by Alyssa Marcheleta

The DYAD dress features a flattering wrap design that is versatile for different body types. It is reversible forwards and backwards, as well as inside and out. Its signature wrap-around silhouette cinches at the waist, accentuating curves while providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. You can ignore the darts on the dress for an even more relaxed fit.

Fabric Recommendations: Woven non-stretch fabrics such as cotton, linen, and Lyocell work best for the DYAD dress.

Mind the Maker Oda Brush Viscose Linen Noil in Green Khaki and Dry Mustard

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Fabric A & B: width 55"/140 cm, length 43 (44, 63, 71, 74) (79, 82, 84, 88)”/108 (110, 158, 178, 185) (198, 205, 210, 220) cm

Fabric A or B: for all sizes, cut a square measuring 30"/77 cm for bias binding


Summer Party Rainbow Leaves Navy Viscose


Yva Skirt

by Silke Türck

Discover an array of possibilities with the YVA skirt pattern, where fabric choice becomes the key to personalizing your style!

Experiment with the length of the skirt to redefine its silhouette. Turn it into a playful short skirt for a touch of fun, or create a seamless appearance by omitting the front slit. The YVA skirt is a canvas for your creativity and offers endless possibilities for your unique style!

Fabric Recommendations: Choose medium to heavy fabrics with stretch. Denim, cottons, or poplins work well. You can also experiment with knits, leaving out the zipper.

Atelier Brunette Ochre Light Cotton Gabardine

Fabric Requirements: 

For sizes 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9)

Skirt fabric: width 55"/140 cm, length 48 (48.4, 51.6, 52.8, 80.7) (88.2, 89, 89.8, 90.6)" / 122 (123, 131, 134, 205) (224, 226, 228, 230) cm

9oz Recycled Cotton Stretch Denim in Blue


For more sizing information visit the Tauko website.

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