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Joyful Sewing with Colour by Jen Legg

Hi its Jen here and Im really excited to be Guest Bloggingfor Lamazi Fabrics.  Ive been a fan of  Liana  and James from the beginning of their beautiful curated business Lamazi Fabrics. I love their ethics and the inspiration they give to the Sewing Community.


The idea for my blog originated from reading Sharlenes blog about Spring Trendsit really ignited me. Reading it the Joyful Sewingsection jumped from the page and I knew this was something that resonates with me and my sewing style. Ive always loved and surrounded myself with colour.

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." Artist Wassily Kandinsky

Ive admired Racheal Parkers textile designs for a long time.  It was so hard to choose, but the design of Paint filled me with joy I knew it was the one for me. Warm colour clashes being my favourite colour combinations particularly pink, red, orange. After posting a #sneakpeak I was thrilled she replied on the IG post echoing my feelings on colour. She said this about her design process. 

Playing with colour is the best bit and Im always intrigued to know which of the colour ways sell the best. The multicoloured ones seem to be going down a treat which I love, the sewing community definitely arent afraid of colourRachel Parker


The fluidity of the fabric was made for a swishy skirt pattern. The dress pattern choice was easy for me to make. I am a pattern tester for By Hand London, the #bhltamzin is one of my favourites, I had made 3 before the end of the 2 week testing window. Its a great pattern for beginners with no zip enclosure. The pattern comes in two cup sizes hence relatively straightforward to get the fit right. Im a serial Sewist, if I find a pattern I that suits me. I like to hack until it feels its been designed for just me. Consequently this will be my 6th. I have a blog on the other 5 here.  


"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." Coco Chanel

Construction is straight forward, instructions are great. I like to create all pin tucks by pressing them all into place and use one of my vintage cottons to top stitch.



Which leads me onto colour I'm always fascinated to how each individual gravitates select the fabric we do?

I posted this image of my vintage cottons with a poll onto stories. I predicted it would be 50/50. In my opinion I think we all fall into two categories warm or cool. Then of course the print or plain but thats another blog!


There are so many fabrics and colour ways as Sewists how lucky are we. Not only being able to choose our style, our fabric to make us feel amazing. The feeling to me is as important as the other components. The more joyful the fabric the more uplifted I feel and funnily enough I think it also uplifts people you come in contact with. Ive often had compliments from strangers about my joyful makes. I love to wear yellow it just radiates sunshine and happiness, its also associated with creativity. I often end up subconsciously wearing the palette Im working with.

If you would like to delve further there is lots of research  on Colour TheoryI found this article particularly interesting to read.


"I am a believer that color affects people's moods." Fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer's products often feature bright colors that emanate an energetic, uplifting mood.

Thank you for reading. I feel I could write a dissertation on the subject but in the mean time for more  bright, joyful, colourful makes and maybe a Jumpsuit, find me @jenlegg_teescreatives



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