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Linen Inspiration for Summer

We are right in the midst of ‘Linen Season’ and here at Lamazi we could not be more excited.

Linen has many beneficial qualities, including regulating your body temperature making it ideal for warmer weather and is a stronger and more sustainable fibre than cotton. To find out some more qualities of Linen have a look at our reel on Instagram.

We have gathered some ready to wear inspiration for our latest linen fabrics, including a new blend made with a brand new fibre. Read on to find out more. 


Breeze Enzyme Washed Linen


Breeze Deep Lagoon Enzyme Washed Pure Linen

Fibre Mood Viva Dress


We are constantly adding new colours to our range of Breeze Enzyme Washed Pure Linen’s with over 20 colours currently in stock. Some of our latest additions are Deep Lagoon, Cream Aubergine, Cream Tan, Blossom and Light Sage. 


Breeze Light Sage Enzyme Washed Pure Linen

Friday Pattern Company Heather Blazer


Breeze, our enzyme washed linen is a beautiful environmentally friendly fabric with good body, wonderful handle and slub finish. It offers all the great qualities you would expect from linen such as breathability, comfort and naturalness without the harsh environmental impact. 

This linen is washed with enzymes to soften the fabric and is not chemically treated. It is a wardrobe staple for spring-summer wardrobe and comes in beautiful range of colours. The fabric is easy to sew and gets softer and softer after each wash and with wear over time.

Breeze Cream Aubergine Enzyme Washed Pure Linen

Fibre Mood Meryll

This fabric will provide structure for a garment whilst still feeling extremely comfortable. Garments such as dresses with puff sleeves or full skirts will work well. It is also ideal for making summer suits or co-ord sets (we think Agnes Pyjama’s would be the perfect holiday set in this fabric!) 


Breeze Cream Tan Enzyme Washed Pure Linen

Paper Theory Agnes Pyjama’s


Sorona Linen- A New Eco Linen Blend Fabric

We are very excited to introduce this new type of fibre to our store. Sorona® is a partially plant-based polymer by DuPont that brings high-performance, sustainable fabric to the fashion industry and eco-conscious consumers.  Sorona® polymer is produced with renewable bio-based PDO through a fermentation process from corn sugar, which contributes to environmental protection concept. 


Sorona Linen in Windsor Wine

Closet Core Patterns Fiore Skirt

This new fibre has been blended with Linen, Viscose and Cotton to create a soft and lightweight fabric (45% Linen, 22% Viscose, 18% Sorona and 15% Cotton). It has a similar feel of cotton, along with the slub texture of linen and softness of viscose- what a dreamy combination! It offers the best qualities of all these fibres blended to create a sustainable fabric with no harsh impact on the environment. 

Sorona Linen in Mountain Green

Marsha Style Sia Dress


This fabric is perfect for most styles of garment. The structure from the cotton and linen will add extra puff to sleeves, while the viscose will add some extra swoosh to skirts. It is also ideal for lightweight jackets, tops, shirts, trousers, shorts or jumpsuits.


Sorona Linen in Moroccan Blue

Pauline Alice Ibi Dress


New Printed Linens

Wildfield White Linen Viscose Fabric

Tilly and the Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress


This printed linen with a wildflower design on a linen viscose base is perfect for a summer shirt dress. The Lyra pattern will give you different options for the length of the skirt and sleeves.


Natures Wonder Viscose Linen Noil

Closet Core Patterns Fiore Skirt


This nature print Linen Viscose Noil is giving us ‘Toile de Jouy’ vibes, the classic print featured recently on the Dior catwalk. We think this fabric would make a wonderful circle skirt inspired by this designer look. The Closet Core Fiore skirt could be lengthened to create this look, or keep it short for your own summer take on the style. You can also use the By Hand London Circle Skirt calculator to draft one yourself.


Aterlier Brunette Loom Off White Linen Viscose Fabric

Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Smock Dress

The simple design on this Aterlier Brunette fabric is ideal for a simple smock dress to let the design shine. To recreate this look use the flounce from the original pattern or try the puff sleeve from the add on pack


Ex Designer Swordfish Navy Linen Cotton Blend

Thread Theory No 10 Fairfield Button Up Shirt

Of course don’t forget about the men. This high end Ex-Designer linen cotton blend is perfect for making a short sleeve summer shirt. The Fairfield Buton-Up is a perfect all year round pattern.


Flow Linen Viscose Noil

Flow Green Viscose Linen Blend

Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Our popular range of Flow Viscose Linen blend fabrics are perfect if you want the look of linen but softness of a viscose. This fabric is perfect for making 2-piece sets like the Saguaro Set or comfortable play suits like the Named Clothing Helga Wrap playsuit.

Flow Blue Turquoise Viscose Linen Blend

Named Clothing Helga Wrap Playsuit


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