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Make a Statement on Zoom - Norma Blouse by Carol

Hey there, thanks for stopping by, I’m so thrilled to bring my latest make to the Lamazi Fabrics website, I really love it and I hope you will too!!!

I don’t know about you but for me possibly the only positive to come out of the last year is my ability to work more flexibly. Less face to face meetings, travel and also more flexible hours. So at least for the foreseeable future Zoom is a fact of life, not only Zoom but also Microsoft Teams, have you used either of these?

Even an old digital immigrant like me has integrated these into daily life!

The downside is unfortunately my sewing room has become my home office during the week!

It's great though being able to sew up a new blouse or top to wear for zoom meetings, especially when it’s got fabulous sleeves like the Fibremood Norma top!!

For me, sewing is all about the little details, like great sleeves and pattern matching, both of which my Norma has got in spades!!

As this was my first ever foray into Fibremood patterns I checked out some reviews and chatted with some IG friends about the fit of the Norma and after what I was told, I decided to lengthen the bodice by 2 inches and even make up a toile. I absolutely adore this See You at Six Viscose called Gilly Flowers and there is no way I was going to risk messing it up!! I had a length of cotton lawn in my stash and quickly ran up my first version.

The new length was perfect on my toile but as had been mentioned to me the neck was a bit low, so I raised up the neckline and the facings by about ¾ of an inch.

That did mean together with the lengthened bodice that I needed an extra button, but that was no problem. I don’t know about you, but I really love self-cover buttons, although I would have liked to add dark green/teal buttons but as we are in a lockdown in the UK right now, I didn’t want to risk ordering online I wanted my buttons to be perfect!! So, I used the plainer spotty area of the fabric to make myself 5 perfectly matching self-covered buttons and I think they are perfect!!!


I made a size 46 and apart from lengthening the bodice and lifting the neckline slightly I think the fit is perfect and its definitely the size I’ll choose again when I make another Norma or other Fibremood pattern.

The fabric is an absolutely gorgeous quality, and I think my Norma is going to get absolutely loads of wear, both in work environments with smart trousers or a skirt and also really cute with jeans or dungarees!!

The shades within Gilly Flowers Viscose are just delightful, gorgeous rust, ochre, several green shades as well as grey and deep red. It will go with so many different garments and now I’ve lengthened it slightly is long enough to tuck in or wear loose!!

I always like to make some other pattern suggestions and I think had I not made my Norma I think this fabric would have been gorgeous as a wrap dress such as the Sewhouse 7 Wildwood or Chalk and Notch Orchid, or maybe a more traditional blouse like the Grainline Studio  Archer or even the Deer and Doe Melilot? Its such a lovely fabric I’m sure what ever you made with it you will love!!

That’s all for now, thanks so much for reading, till next time keep chatting and Stitching, Carol 😊


"Make a Statement on Zoom" is the extension of Spring 2021 Trends Blog post on Lamazi Fabrics website. 


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