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Named Ninni Cullottes by Amanda

Hi Everyone,

It’s Amanda of @amanda_isewalot back on the Lamazi Blog with a pattern I haven’t tried before and some gorgeous fabric.

Well, this is my first blog of 2020 which is turning out to be a particularly memorable year.  These culottes were sewn during my first weekend in isolation due to COVID-19. Whilst the extra sewing time is a welcome break from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life I wish it was under different circumstances.

Liana and James have added some gorgeous fabrics to the website over the past few months including the most amazing viscoses and jerseys from Mind The MAKER.  I have used two fabrics from the range both have been outstanding quality and an absolute dream to sew with.

When I saw this fabric, Line Flow Viscose Twill in the teal colourway, I instantly pictured some lightweight culottes and decided upon the Named Ninni Culottes.  This is a pattern I have not used before but have seen so many lovely versions online.  

I was concerned about the stripes matching because they are directional but I think I actually managed an ok job, even though pattern matching is definitely not my strong suit.  On reflection I probably should have cut the leg pieces individually so the stripes mirrored each other but I am definitely ok with how they look.

Ninni Cullottes

The culottes are very light and airy and therefore I decided to go with the smallest size to avoid them being excessively oversized.  My measurements are W25” and H36” and I think they have turned out just right.

I pre-washed my fabric as soon as I received it as this is essential with all fabrics to avoid shrinkage after your garment is made but is particularly important with viscose as it can shrink by up to 5% in both directions (believe me I have learnt from experience).

The Ninni Culottes are really straightforward with only 3 pattern pieces plus a pocket piece should you wish to add them but I left them off as I am not a fan of side seam pockets in skirts and trousers.

So the pattern was really quick to cut out and just as quick to sew.  I didn’t really follow the instructions too much as the construction is so simple and I sewed everything on my overlocker other than the waistband and hems.


It is also worth noting I am 5’ 8” and I think Named patterns are drafted for a taller frame as I rarely have to add any length and certainly didn’t with these culottes.  I think the length is fine as I am also not a fan of ankle grazing trousers and prefer a cropped length.


The most difficult part of constructing the culottes is the waistband as it is topstitched to create a paper bag waist look.  It’s essential to topstitch to get the waistband to lie correctly but a little tricky to stretch the elastic enough when sewing and I have to admit I did have to unpick this once to get it right.  I am glad I did take the time to get it right as I think it turned out really well and is definitely the nicest feature. I decided to cut the fabric for the waistband in the opposite direction which I think is really effective with the thin rust coloiured strip running around the top of the waistband.


I am really looking forward to being able to get outside and for the weather to warm up as I think I am going to live in these culottes as they are so comfortable and I love how they turned out.


There are other colourways of this fabric which would be perfect but I also have my eye on the Mini Leo prints too as I think these would be awesome as culottes.


Until next time.

Amanda xxx

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