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Papercut Mirri Jumpsuit in Sienna Nisa Softened Linen by Marie

It doesn’t happen to me often, but as soon as Papercut Patterns released their element collection, I knew it was something that would jump the queue and be sewn right away.  

My blog for lamazi was already in going to be linen, sewn as elevated loungewear/dressed up comfies.  I had already made my choice, and then at 12 midnight I messaged Liana to pitch my new vision involving the Mirri!  Luckily she could see it working too and kindly agreed to change my original idea.


As you know, I need to make my clothes work for me in terms comfort while sitting in a wheelchair, and possibly bed rest. For me, a big part of improving my mood, is to be dressed in something I feel good in. I heavily associate loungewear and sportswear with being in hospital or rehabilitation and therefore I seek clothing that incorporate style and comfort.


Obviously, through sewing my own clothes, this search has become so much easier.  I don’t necessarily have to sacrifice good style in the name of finding the ideal fabric.  Having the ability to choose and modify a pattern and match it with an ideal fabric is is so liberating.

The Fabric

I chose the Mind the Maker Nisa Softened Linen in the colour Sienna.  I have worked with linen before and I must admit to usually preferring blends with viscose or cotton to make it softer and less prone to being so stiff and crispy.  


When I first unwrapped the fabric, I was really surprised at how how soft this was. Then, when I  saw the bounce and movement, I actually double checked the website as I was sure this had to be a blend! It is in fact 100% linen, but has been mechanically softened. This means that no chemicals were used to soften it, and there is less water wastage that comes with stone washed softening.  I am genuinely surprised as how much of a difference this has made to the feel and handle.


The Pattern

The new Papercut Mirri jumpsuit was a real stand out for me in this SS21 collection and I was sure that this would suit this linen. Tamlyn has written a really informative blog for Lamazi about all of the different types of patterns that can match the various linen types, and she recommended this as a good option for this linen too. Honestly, I have surprised myself, as I have never thought of myself as a jumpsuit person.  I think I am scarred from ill fitting ready to wear versions!



The Mirri has a really interesting cut, which echoes elements of the Meridian dress in their previous collection; The Meridian would be a great pattern for this fabric too. The bodice shaping is created through the ties around the waist, instead of darts, gathers or pleats.  I routinely make an SBA, but with this style, I didn’t need it. That isn’t to say there’s not plenty of room in there!  The pattern provides detailed finished measurement figures, including how much wrapping ease there is for the bust.


I cut a size 3, blended into a 4 at the waist/hips which feels like a really good fit.  When I remake (yes, when!) I will just do a small narrow shoulder adjustment.  This is an ordinary adjustment for me, so I wouldn’t say the pattern is excessively wide here.


This was a project that went together really well.  The fabric is right for the pattern, and everything was a pleasure to sew.  I like the construction techniques and think it produces a nice finish. I usually try to find something to comment on in my blogs/reviews to make them balanced, but it really was such a joy to sew and wear.  


It is marked as an intermediate which I think is pitched correctly.  Papercut pattern instructions are sufficient, but I wouldn’t say they offer as much detail as other indie brands do; especially if you were going to give this a try as a beginner.


I love wearing this jumpsuit.  I feel elegant and ready for a day out, (or in a different fabric, dare I say it, a night out) but also have the comfort to lie down.  The pure linen is breathable and soft. For me, these are all the hallmarks of a successful make!


Ad|PR product fabric and pattern for blog post. Fabric and pattern are my own personal choices and opinions are solely mine. 

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