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Sharlene's Suki Dress from the New Make It Simple Book

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post for Lamazi Fabrics! I am so excited to be joining this team of very talented bloggers and I have so many plans for the gorgeous fabrics!

For my first project I choose the Grandeur Royal Blue Modal Bamboo Tencel Twill Dress Fabric. The colour is a very striking, rich blue. This fabric comes in a beautiful range of colours, covering all tastes from bright red, purple or orange to neutrals in every shade you could want. I would love to try out the black, avocado and orange for a few other projects.

The contents of this fabric are 60% Modal, 30% Viscose made of Bamboo, 10% Tencel. If you follow me on Instagram or my personal blog you will know I have a bit of a thing for Tencel so I was excited to try out this blend. It is lighter than a Tencel but heavier than viscose or rayon with a good amount of body and drape. It is opaque, has a little bit of a shine and it is oh so soft! I could just wrap myself up in this! It would be perfect for tops, dress or loose trousers and jumpsuits.

I was planning on making a mini capsule wardrobe using the new book by Tilly and the Buttons, Make It Simple. I had my colour palette picked and this fabric would be perfect for the Suki Dress. This pattern is a simple shift dress with a cocoon-style silhouette and only uses 2 pattern pieces for the short sleeve version, or 3 pattern pieces for the long sleeve. Definitely simple!

I was unsure if I would make the long or short sleeve version so I cut the front/back and neck facings and completed the first few steps of the pattern before deciding. After a quick try on I felt the long sleeves would be too much for me in this solid colour. If I was making a printed version or colour blocked I would definitely try the long sleeves. I instead made the belt to match, which is a really cute addition. I decided to make a few of them as they will be handy additions to my wardrobe.

I made a size 4 and it fits well. Any smaller and it might not have went over my hips so this is definitely something to consider when choosing a size. The neckline facing is probably the trickiest part of the pattern, and definitely an area to take your time over to make sure you get a nice flat finish.

In terms of the overall fit you really are getting what you pay for- a very simple dress. There are no darts and it is a very plain base to get creative and make it your own. I love the colour blocked versions in the book. The belt is a perfect scrap buster too and could even be made reversible with a slight adjustment to the pattern.

When sewing the ties I like to sew across one end before turning it inside out. I think this gives a neater finish than topstitching after it has been turned.

I think the sleeveless version in a linen or heavier cotton would create some really interesting volume around the sleeves. The Hawaiian Palms Linen Viscose Blend or Lilac Linen Cotton Blend Stripes would be beautiful. Or if you like this blue colour but would like a bit more texture the Meet Milk Tencel Plaid Blueberry Dress Fabric would be amazing (I have used the green in this before and can guarantee it’s is beautiful!).

Something to consider when cutting out this dress is what you will do with the excess fabric. Due to the sizes and shape of the pattern pieces there is a lot of fabric left over. When I know this is the case I like to have a few scrap buster patterns to hand so I can make sure I get as much from the fabric as I can. I like simple boxy tops, like the Kabuki top by Paper Theory Patterns, or a firm favourite in the sewing community is the Ogden Cami by True Bias. I try to cut out as much as I can in one go, otherwise the fabric just lives in my stash forever!

This is a lovely dress that can easily be dressed up or down. I love it with my go to chunky black boots and also a little dressier with heeled boots. I can’t wait for the warmer months when I can wear it with white trainers and a denim jacket. This style will be perfect for then as it is loose, breathable and stylish all in one.

I hope you have enjoyed my first blog for Lamazi Fabrics.


Thank you for reading it,

Sharlene xx

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