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Tamlyn's Series of "How To Sew With..." Double Knits

My latest make for the Lamazi Blog is part of my YouTube series, 'How to Sew With...'. In this series, I focus on giving information about different fabric types with lots of sewing tips and pattern recommendations. My first video was about French Terry and my latest instalment is all about Double Knits.  

How To Sew With Double Knits

For this make I used the beautiful Ruby Red Viscose Modal Ponte Roma to make the Ebony tunic by Closet Case Patterns as I knew it would be a perfect match, given the combination of stability and drape. The Ebony is also a perfect make for me, as my body is changing during my pregnancy. The style of the top and dress skims nicely over my growing bump and is a really comfortable style to wear.   


Cutting out this project was a breeze, as it is for most double knit fabrics – making them perfect fabrics for beginners to work with. They are stable, don’t slip around much, don’t fray and are unlikely to roll at the edges.

To sew my Ebony tunic, I mainly used my sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. I also chose not to finish my seams – to find out why, watch my video as all is explained in there!

Lamazi Fabrics stock a gorgeous range of double knit fabrics and in my video I give you some pattern suggestions that would be perfect for these. You can find a discount code to use on these in my video, but you’ll have to be quick. This expires on 29th of February 2020.

I hope you like my make and you enjoy the How To Sew With… series.

Thanks for reading,

Tamlyn (Sewn on the Tyne) xxx


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