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Topical Zadie Jumpsuit by Carol

My Tropical Zadie!

Hi there, I really hope you’re all well, it’s been a very strange year hasn’t it! I don’t know about you, but the strangeness of this year has definitely influenced my sewing recently?  I’m still partly working from home and that’s calling for a very different work wardrobe. I’m wearing lots more comfy clothes, which although needing to be smart enough for those endless video conferences are also comfy enough to make life a little easier right now!

To that end I really wanted to add the Zadie Jumpsuit to my wardrobe, cool and comfy, perfect for lounging or working from home and I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am with it!

I know the Zadie jumpsuit pattern by Paper Theory has been out for a while, am I the only person on the planet who hasn’t made this before?

Well, I’ve made it now and I’m so pleased with it!

I am sure many of you who follow me already over on @chatterstitch on IG or on my blog know I’m rather conservative with choosing patterned fabric. I tend to choose quiet little prints, not too loud or bright. I’m usually very happy just blending in!


I actually couldn’t believe that Liana (forever now known as the enabler) managed to make me believe that I could pull this off!

Well I shall forever be grateful because now I’ve jumped in, I may never go back!

The fabric which is called Tropical Summer (isn’t that just perfect!?) is 100% viscose, and lightweight at 115 g/sqm but it’s really well behaved. It didn’t fray too much or get pulled down into the feed dogs of my machine. In fact, it was generally very user friendly. It’s also lovely and wide, at 145 cm so for this amazing price its great value for money!

So, to my Zadie!

I had already checked in with some friends who had made the Zadie before and they said that it can come up a bit big, so I did make a quick toile, I really didn’t want to waste that lovely fabric.

After my toile I cut a size 12, and lengthened the bodice by 1 inch as the waist on my toile was a little high for me. Then I reduced the rise by 2 inches, and as the Zadie is drafted for a person 5’7” and I’m closer to 5’9” I lengthened the legs by 2 inches. But, then when I finished it I thought it a bit long so I removed those 2 inches again. Ah well, you can always make something shorter making longer is a much harder proposition!


The only other change I made was to cut the back bodice on the fold (remembering to remove the centre back seam allowance) so as not to break up the pattern!

I think this will be perfect as a comfy and cool jumpsuit to wear whilst working from home or for a nice day out. Hopefully, I may even get to take it away on holiday again one day, fingers crossed!

The fabric would appear from a distance to be pink but in fact it’s little black hexagons with red and white flower like patterns, which appear pink! Then, it’s got the most fabulous tropical leaves in green and blue, it’s delightful. I definitely feel lifted by the cheery nature of the print, and after all the trials and tribulations of this difficult year, I think why not?

I think if I’d not made this into my Zadie it would have been absolutely fabulous as a Closet Core patterns Charlie Caftan. Or a summer dress, maybe the Wilder gown. Or, why not make a man’s tropical shirt!!?? That would be just fabulous!

I’m sure you can tell I’m really excited and thrilled by this make, I hope you like it too!?

Till next time keep chatting and stitching Carol



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