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Wearing White in Fall and Winter by Alexis


I am so excited to be back on the Lamazi Blog! Can you believe it’s Novevember?! Have you started planning for Christmas and what you are going to wear for Christmas day or Christmas Activities (if there will be any this year)? Knowing I had a planned Lamazi post for November I used as a great opportunity to plan my Fall/Holiday outfit.  I used Viscose Jacquard Off White Dress Fabric. The fabric is available in multiple colours

On today’s blog I will be sharing all about wearing white in Fall or even Winter and the new Pauline Alice Sedavi Dress. Don’t be afraid of white in Fall or any time of year. I truly believe it can and should be worn all year long with just a little modification for each season.

What I did:

As mentioned above I used Pauline’s Alice new pattern, Sedavi. I saw it a couple of months ago on her IG page and fell in love with the bodice and skirt knife pleats and the overall bohoprairie vibes. It reminded me of a Christy Dawn or Sézaneclothing style, especially paired with the flowing Viscose Jacquard fabric. The pattern screams FALL!! The fabric it self is very lightweight at only 85 gm/sqm so I lined the bodice but not the skirt since I wore a white slip underneath.



The Sedavi dress took some patience and a couple days to complete. It challenged me to slow down and grow some sewing patience. Really that’s not a bad thing for me to work on to be honest! Speaking of patience, figuring out what each of the markings on the pattern pieces stood for made me almost lose my marbles. I missed the notation info on the AO paper until it was too late and unfortunately the tutorial sheds no clear light other than make the pleats on the bodice and skirt in one step. Once I worked it out it moved pretty quickly after that. The knife pleats are very beautiful and now I want to add them to more garments. The tutorial states to open the pleats after pressing and then sewing the shoulder and side seams. I did not open the pleats after pressing them and kept the hem closed as I stitched the front and back bodice shoulders and side seams. Once I made those pleats, I didn’t dare mess with them! HA!


My bust is 33 ½” which fell between size 36 and 38 and my waist puts in size 38. I choose to size down to 36 for the bust but did grade out to size 38 for the waist. When I sew this dress again I would, and I highly suggest, sizing up if you are between sizes. The fit is snug, especially along the upper chest, and the armscye was very tight. I had planned to take the sleeves off and open the bodice armscye before the photos but I decided I actually prefer this dress sleeveless. So as soon as Spring hits I plan to take the sleeves off and finish the armcye with bias tape.

Another modification I would make to the sleeve is actually just a personal preference. As perthe tutorial the gathering on the sleeve is throughout most of the sleeve. I prefer gathering just on the top of my shoulder cap. Again, this is just personal preference and what I think looks best on me.

Final Look:

To warm up the white for the Fall season, I added a brown boot and a hat. Of course, when I wear it for Thanksgiving I will have a nice warm coat on top and maybe some tights to keep my legs extra warm.

Until next time!


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