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Where is the sunshine?!?

Looking out of the window it seems to be very grey raining constantly, my garden is beginning to look like a pond, I don't think the grass will last much longer under water!  At least i'm inside looking at my fabric stash for my daily dose of colour and beauty, and summer is not that far away!  

Liana is now starting to think about making her spring and summer projects to ensure she can finish them in time for the warm weather.  A wet and wild spring usually means a hot summer so lets see if i'm right on that... (I have my fingers crossed).

In terms of our store we are currently searching for more children's fabrics to go with our new range of children's patterns and so remember to check our site every so often as our ranges will be expanding.  We have had a wonderful reaction to the fabrics we have added so far which is really exciting for us!

We are always interested to hear if you are looking for something in particular so if you do not see what you are looking for please do message us as we may be able to add the range into stock if its possible to find and economical for us to do so. 



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