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Sewing for a Summer Palette and Serene Personality

We have previously looked at how certain colours appeal to different personalities more than others, and choosing the right colour can affect your mood in our blog “Colour and You”. We have looked at how each colour can have a different affect on how we feel, now we are going to look at which tones fit with each personality type and how you can dress to feel like the best version of yourself based on this theory. The best colours to get that ‘glow’. 

The chances are you will look at a colour palette and instantly be drawn to it as it is in harmony with your personality. If not, there are various quizzes you can take online or in “The Little Book of Colour” by Karen Haller. Many people have more than one personality type, with one being more dominant.



While each colour palette refers to a particular season, within each palette you will find three different ‘sub-palettes’ that will work throughout the year. While most of these soft, light shades are most commonly seen in summer, there are some richer greens, reds and blues that are popular fashion choices for the colder months. 

Summer Party Lupine Petals Blush Pure Linen


The Serene Personality

The Summer or Serene personality is cool, calm and collected, which is reflected in the cool, blue based tones of the Summer colour palette. These colours have a soft and relaxed mood, similar to a hazy summer afternoon. The Summer or Serene personality will remain calm and graceful under pressure. 


Elegant Peonies Cotton Lawn in Mint Green, Rose Pink and Dusky Blue


The Summer Colours

These colours feature grey which gives them their distinctive cool tone. They are subtle and understated, with shades like rose pink, sage, lavender, mauve and taupe featuring in this palette. 

Scroll down for fabrics that feature these colours. 

Vintage Laura on Light Sage Viscose

Ornate Paisley on White Viscose


Mind the Maker Flowery ECOVERO Viscose Leia Crepe in Fuchsia and Ocean


If Summer colours are not for you have a look at our other seasonal colour blogs- Spring, Autumn and Winter

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