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Sewing for a Winter Colour Palette and Minimalist Personality

We have previously looked at how certain colours appeal to different personalities more than others, and choosing the right colour can affect your mood in our blog “Colour and You”. We have looked at how each colour can have a different affect on how we feel, now we are going to look at which tones fit with each personality type and how you can dress to feel like the best version of yourself. The best colours to get that ‘glow’. 

The chances are you will look at a colour palette and instantly be drawn to it as it is in harmony with your personality. If not, there are various quizzes you can take online or in “The Little Book of Colour” by Karen Haller. Many people have more than one personality type, with one being more dominant.



While each colour palette refers to a particular season, within each palette you will find three different ‘sub-palettes’ that will work throughout the year. Within the Winter colour palette you will find many colours from the “Bright Winter” palette that appear in many vibrant summer prints. 

Speckles Viscose Poplin in Cobalt, Fuchsia and Emerald Green


The Minimalist Personality

The key traits of the Winter or Minimalist personality are confidence, sophistication and a commanding presence. At home you will prefer clean lines and clear surfaces. The Minimalist personality will be efficient and focused, clear and concise. 

Summer Party Lupine Petals 


The Winter Colours

The Winter colour palette is the only one to include white and black. Like Summer, these colours are blue based and are bold and dramatic. They are intense or very icy- just like a minimal winter landscape. Colours like pillar-box red, ice blue, royal purple, shocking pink and lemon yellow feature in this colour palette. 

Watercolour Paisley Black Viscose Jersey

Cousette Desert Shapes on Charcoal ECOVERO Viscose

Graffiti Blooms Viscose Twill 

If the Winter colour palette is not for you, have a look at our other seasonal colour blogs- Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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